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Wife Quotes

These are some of the best 'Wife' quotations and sayings.

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A good wife is heaven's last, best gift to man, - his gem of many virtues, his casket of jewels; her voice is sweet music, her smiles his brightest day, her kiss the guardian of his innocence, her arms the pale of his safety, her industry his surest wealth, her economy his safest steward, her lips his faithful counsellors, her bosom the softest pillow of his cares.

A good wife makes the cares of the world sit easy, and adds a sweetness to its pleasures: she is a man's best companion in prosperity, and his best if not only friend in adversity; the most careful preserver of his health, and the kindest attendant on his sickness; a faithful adviser in distress, a comforter in affliction, and a discreet manager of all his domestic affairs.

A light wife doth make a heavy husband.

A miss for pleasure, and a wife for breed.

A wife is essential to great longevity; she is the receptacle of half a man's cares, and two-thirds of his ill-humor.

A wife's a man's best piece; who till he marries, wants making up: she is the shrine to which nature doth send us forth on pilgrimage; she is the good man's paradise, and the bad's first step to heaven, a treasure which, who wants, cannot be trusted to posterity, nor pay his own debts; she's a golden sentence writ by our Maker, which the angels may discourse of, only men know how to use, and none but devils violate.

A woman in a single state may be happy, or may be miserable, but most happy, and most miserable, these are epithets applicable only to the wife.

Across the threshold led, and every tear kissed off as soon as shed, his house she enters, there to be a light shining within when all without is night; a guardian-angel o'er his life presiding, doubling his pleasure, and his cares dividing!

Alas! another instance of the triumph of hope over experience.

All other goods by fortune's hand are given: A wife is the peculiar gift of Heav'n.

An undutiful Daughter will prove an unmanageable Wife.

Be thou the rainbow to the storms of life: the evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray.

Even in the happiest choice, where favoring heaven has equal love and easy fortune given, think not, the husband gained, that all is done; the prize of happiness must still be won; and, oft, the careless find it to their cost, the lover in the husband may be lost; the graces might, alone, his heart allure; they and the virtues, meeting, must secure.

faithful wife becomes the truest and tenderest friend, the balm of comfort, and the source of joy; through every various turn of life the same.

First get an absolute conquest over thyself, and then thou wilt easily govern thy wife.

For a wife take the daughter of a good mother.

Hanging and wiving go by destiny.

He knows little, who will tell his wife all he knows.

Heaven will be no heaven to me if I do not meet my wife there.

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