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Temperance Quotes

These are some of the best 'Temperance' quotations and sayings.

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Above all, let the poor hang up the amulet of temperance in their homes.

Drinking water neither makes a man sick nor in debt nor his wife a widow.

Every inordinate cup is unblessed, and the ingredient is a devil.

Except thou desire to hasten thine end, take this for a general rule, that thou never add any artificial heat to thy body by wine or spice, until thou find that time hath decayed thy natural heat; and the sooner thou beginnest to help Nature, the sooner she will forsake thee, and leave thee to trust altogether to Art.

Fools! not to know how health and temperance bless the rustic swain, while luxury destroys her pampered train.

Great men should drink with harness on their throats.

He who would keep himself to himself should imitate the dumb animals, and drink water.

I consider the temperance cause the foundation of all social and political reform.

I dare not drink for my own sake, I ought not to drink for my neighbor's sake.

I have four good reasons for being an abstainer - my head is clearer, my health is better, my heart is lighter, and my purse is heavier.

If temperance prevails, then education can prevail; if temperance fails, then education must fail.

If thou well observe the rule of not too much, by temperance taught, in what thou eatest and drinkest, seeking from thence due nourishment, not gluttonous delight, till many years over thy head return, so mayst thou live, till, like ripe fruit, thou drop into thy mother's lap, or be with ease gathered, not harshly plucked, in death mature.

If you wish to keep the mind clear and the body healthy, abstain from all fermented liquors.

Oh, temperance, thou fortune without envy; thou universal medicine of life, that clears the head and cleanses the blood, eases the stomach, strengthens the nerves, and perfects digestion.

Physic is of little use to a temperate person, for a man's own observation on what he finds does him good, and what hurts him, is the best physic to preserve health.

Temperance and labor are the two best physicians of man; labor sharpens the appetite, and temperance prevents from indulging to excess

Temperance gives nature her full play, and enables her to exert herself in all her force and vigor.

Temperance is a bridle of gold, and he that can use it aright is liker a God than a man; for as it will transform a beast to a man again, so it will make a man a God.

Temperance is corporal piety; it is the preservation of divine order in the body.

Temperance is reason's girdle, and passion's bride, the strength of the soul, and the foundation of virtue.

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