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Retirement Quotes

These are some of the best 'Retirement' quotations and sayings.

A foundation of good sense, and a cultivation of learning, are required to give a seasoning to retirement, and make us taste its blessings.

Absence of occupation is not rest; A mind quite vacant is a mind distressed.

Before you think of retiring from the world, be sure you are fit for retirement; in order to which it is necessary that you have a mind so composed by prudence, reason, and religion, that it may bear being looked into; a turn to rural life, and a love for study.

Cessation of work is not accompanied by cessation of expenses.

Depart from the highway, and transplant thyself in some enclosed ground, for it is hard for a tree that stands by the wayside to keep its fruit until it be ripe.

Dismiss the old horse in good time, lest he fail in the lists and the spectators laugh.

Don't think of retiring from the world until the world will be sorry that you retire. I hate a fellow whom pride or cowardice or laziness drives into a corner, and who does nothing when he is there but sit and growl. Let him come out as I do, and bark.

Far from the madding crowd's ignoble strife.

Few men of action have been able to make a graceful exit at the appropriate time.

He whom God hath gifted with the love of retirement, possesses, as it were, an extra sense.

How use doth breed a habit in a man! this shadowy desert, unfrequented woods, I better brook than flourishing peopled towns.

I try to learn one new thing a week to balance the one thing I forget a week, but lately I forget three things a week.

Let me often to these solitudes retire, and in their presence reassure my feeble virtue.

Nature I'll court in her sequestered haunts, by mountain, meadow, streamlet, grove, or cell; where the poised lark his evening ditty chaunts, and health, and peace, and contemplation dwell.

Our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything.

The role of a retired person is no longer to possess one.

To judge rightly of our own worth we should retire from the world so as to see both its pleasures and pains in their proper light and dimensions - thus taking the heart from off this world and its allurements, which so dishonor the understanding as to turn the wisest of men into fools and children.

Two weeks is about the ideal length of time to retire.

When men reach their sixties and retire, they go to pieces. Women just go right on cooking.

You can't put off being young until you retire.