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Literature Quotes

These are some of the best 'Literature' quotations and sayings.

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A beautiful literature springs from the depth and fulness of intellectual and moral life, from an energy of thought and feeling, to which nothing, as we believe, ministers so largely as enlightened religion.

A biography is considered complete if it merely accounts for six or seven selves, whereas a person may well have as many as a thousand.

A country which has no national literature, or a literature too insignificant to force its way abroad, must always be, to its neighbors at least, in every important spiritual respect, an unknown and unestimated country.

A literary movement consists of five or six people who live in the same town and hate each other cordially.

A novel is a mirror carried along a main road.

A novel is a static thing that one moves through; a play is a dynamic thing that moves past one.

A novel is never anything but a philosophy put into images.

A perfect judge will read each word of wit with the same spirit that its author writ.

All that non-fiction can do is answer questions. It's fiction's business to ask them.

Biographies are but the clothes and buttons of the man. The biography of the man himself cannot be written.

Biography is one of the new terrors of death.

Books only partially represent their authors; the writer is always greater than his work.

Chaucer, I confess, is a rough diamond; and must be polished e'er he shines.

Do not suppose, however, that I intend to urge a diet of classics on anybody. I have seen such diets at work. I have known people who have actually read all, or almost all, the guaranteed Hundred Best Books. God save us from reading nothing but the best.

Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures.

Good children's literature appeals not only to the child in the adult, but to the adult in the child.

He who would understand the real spirit of literature should not select authors of any one period alone, but rather go to the fountain head, and trace the little rill as it courses along down the ages broadening and deepening into the great ocean of thought which the men of the present are exploring.

I am never long, even in the society of her I love, without yearning for the company of my lamp and my library.

I can find my biography in every fable that I read.

I never knew a man of letters ashamed of his profession.

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