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Humility Quotes

These are some of the best 'Humility' quotations and sayings.

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'Umble we are, 'umble we have been, 'umble we shall ever be.

After crosses and losses, men grow humbler and wiser.

Be wise; soar not too high to fall; but stoop to rise.

Believe me, the much-praised lambs of humility would not bear themselves so meekly if they but possessed tiger's claws.

Epaminondas, finding himself lifted up in the day of his public triumph, the next day went drooping and hanging down his head; and being asked what was the reason of his so great dejection, made answer: "Yesterday I felt myself transported with vainglory, therefore I chastise myself for it today."

God walks with the humble; he reveals himself to the lowly; he gives understanding to the little ones; he discloses his meaning to pure minds, but hides his grace from the curious and the proud.

He that places himself neither higher or lower than he ought to do, exercises the truest humility.

Heaven's gates are not so highly arched as princes' palaces; they that enter there must go upon their knees.

Humanity cannot be degraded by humiliation. It is its very character to submit to such things. There is a con­sanguinity between benevolence and humility. They are virtues of the same stock.

Humbleness is always grace; always dignity.

Humility and love are the essence of true religion; the humble formed to adore; the loving to associate with eternal love.

Humility in religion, as in the world, is the avenue to glory.

Humility is a virtue all preach, none practise, and yet everybody is content to hear. The master thinks it good doctrine for his servant, the laity for the clergy, and the clergy for the laity.

Humility is not a weak and timid quality; it must be carefully distinguished from a groveling spirit. - There is such a thing as an honest pride and self-respect. - Though we may be servants of all, we should be servile to none.

Humility is the Christian's greatest honor; and the higher men climb, the further they are from heaven.

Humility is the eldest born of virtue, and claims the birth-right at the throne of heaven.

Humility is the first lesson we learn from reflection, and self-distrust the first proof we give of having obtained a knowledge of ourselves.

Humility is the genuine proof of Christian virtue.-Without it we keep all our defects; and they are only crusted over by pride, which conceals them from others, and often from ourselves.

Humility is the root, mother, nurse, foundation, and bond of all virtue.

Humility is the solid foundation of all the virtues.

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