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Ceremony Quotes

These are some of the best 'Ceremony' quotations and sayings.

All ceremonies are, in themselves, very silly things; but yet a man of the world should know them. - They are the outworks of manners and decency, which would too often be broken in upon, if it were not for that defence which keeps the enemy at a proper distance.

Ceremonies differ in every country; they are only artificial helps which ignorance assumes to imitate politeness, which is the result of good sense and good-nature.

Ceremony is the invention of wise men to keep fools at a distance; as good breeding is an expedient to make fools and wise men equals.

Ceremony resembles that base coin which circulates through a country by royal mandate; it serves every purposs of real money at home, but is entirely useless if carried abroad. - A person who should attempt to circulate his native trash in another country would be thought either ridiculous or culpable.

Ceremony was devised at first, to set a gloss on faint deeds, hollow welcomes, and recanting goodness; but where there is true friendship, there needs none.

Forms and regularity of proceeding, if they are not justice, partake much of the nature of justice, which, in its highest sense, is the spirit of distributive order.

If we use no ceremory toward others, we shall be treated without any. - People are soon tired of paying trifling attentions to those who receive them with coldness, and return them with neglect.

To dispense with ceremony is the most delicate mode of conferring a compliment.

To divest either politics or religion of ceremony, is the most certain method of bringing either into contempt. - The weak must have their inducements to admiration as well as the wise; and it is the business of a sensible government to impress all ranks with a sense of subordination, whether this be effected by a diamond buckle, a virtuous edict, a sumptuary law, or a glass necklace.

To repose our confidence in forms and ceremonies, is superstition; but not to submit to them is pride or self-conceit.