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Sir Thomas N. Talfourd Quotes

English jurist
(1795 - 1854)

Gaiety and a light heart, in all virtue and decorum, are the best medicine for the young, or rather for all. - Solitude and melancholy are poison; they are deadly to all, and above all to the young.

Gentleman is a term that does not apply to any station, but to the mind and feelings in every station.

It is a little thing to speak a phrase or common comfort, which by daily use has almost lost its sense; and yet, on the ear of him who thought to die unmourned, it will fall like the choicest music.

Sentiment has a kind of divine alchemy, rendering grief itself the source of tenderest thoughts and far-reaching desires, which the sufferer cherishes as sacred treasures.

Sympathy is the first great lesson which man should learn. It will be ill for him if he proceeds no farther; if his emotions are but excited to roll back on his heart, and to be fostered in luxurious quiet. But unless he learns to feel for things in which he has no personal interest, he can achieve nothing generous or noble.

The whirlpool of the hour engulfs the growth of centuries! - Pause ere ye rive with strength of fever, things embedded long in social being. - You will uproot no form, with which the thoughts and habits of weak mortals have long been twined, without the bleeding rent of thousand ties which to the common heart of nature link it. - Wrenched, perchance you'll mock a clumsy relic of forgotten days, while you have scattered in the dust, unseen, a thousand living crystals.

What stores of sentiment in that butt of raciest Sherry! What a fund of pensive thought! What suggestions for delicious remembrance! What "aids to reflection" in that Hock of a century old! What sparkling fancies, whirling and foaming, from a stout body of thought in that full and ripe Champagne! What mild and serene philosophy in that Burgundy, ready to shed "its sunset glow" on society and nature!