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Saadi Quotes

Abu-Muhammad Muslih al-Din bin Abdallah Shirazi, better known by his pen-name as Sa'di or, simply, Saadi, was one of the major Persian poets of the medieval period.
(1184 - 1283/1291?)

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A grateful dog is better than an ungrateful man.

A handsome woman is a jewel; a good woman is a treasure.

A little and a little, collected together, becomes a great deal; the heap in the barn consists of single grains, and drop and drop make the inundation.

A traveller without observation is a bird without wings.

A wise man in the company of those who are ignorant, has been compared to a beautiful girl in the company of blind men.

An enemy to whom you show kindness becomes your friend, excepting lust, the indulgence of which increases its enmity.

God gives sleep to the bad, in order that the good may be undisturbed.

Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.

He who is a slave to his stomach seldom worships God.

He who is intoxicated with wine will be sober again in the course of the night, but he who is intoxicated by the cup­bearer will not recover his senses until the day of judgment.

He who learns the rules of wisdom without conforming to them in his life is like a man who ploughs in his field but does not sow.

He who learns, and makes no use of his learning, is a beast of burden with a load of books. - Does the ass comprehend whether he carries on his back a library or a bundle of faggots?

I fear God and next to God I mostly fear them that fear him not.

Independence is of more value than any gifts; and to receive gifts is to lose it. - Men most commonly seek to oblige thee only that they may engage thee to serve them.

Let him who neglects to raise the fallen, fear lest, when he falls, no one will stretch out his hand to lift him up.

Most of the birds of the Old World can be found here, as Oman is on a strategic route for migrating birds.

Nothing is so good for an ignorant man as silence; if he were sensible of this he would not be ignorant.

O wise man, wash your hands of that friend who associates with your enemies.

Obedience is not truly performed by the body, if the heart is dissatisfied.

Oman overall has great animal and plant biodiversity because it has mountains, desert, coastal areas and rich coral reefs.

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