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Richard Mant Quotes

English bishop
(1776 - 1848)

Christian morality assumes to itself no merit - it sets up no arrogant claim to God's favor - it pretends not to "open the gates of heaven"; it is only the handmaid in conducting the Christian believer in his road toward them.

Correct opinions, well established on any subject, are the best preservative against the seductions of error.

Morality, distinguished from and independent of Christian faith, is nothing; but Christian morality is of the very essence; it is the true fruit, the sure testimony, the faithful companion, the glory and perfection, yea, the very life and soul of true Christian faith. Let us beware, that we do not confound things so different as worldly and Christian morality; as the works of the natural man and those of the disciples of Christ.

Perpetual memory of the Maker's rest.

That call not education, which decries God and his truth, content the seed to strew of moral maxims, and the mind imbue with elements which form the worldly wise; so call the training, which can duly prize such lighter lore, but chiefly holds to view what God requires us to believe and do, and notes man's end, and shapes him for the skies.