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Oriana Fallaci Quotes

Italian journalist, author and political interviewer. She was a partisan during World War II.
(1929 - 2006)

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Arafat contradicts himself every five minutes. He always plays the double-cross, lies even if you ask him what time it is.

But here's what I've learned in this war, in this country, in this city: to love the miracle of having been born.

Europe becomes more and more a province of Islam, a colony of Islam. And Italy is an outpost of that province, a stronghold of that colony...In each of our cities lies a second city: a Muslim city, a city run by the Quran. A stage in the Islamic expansionism.

Europe is no longer Europe, it is Eurabia, a colony of Islam, where the Islamic invasion does not proceed only in a physical sense, but also in a mental and cultural sense.

Glory is a heavy burden, a murdering poison, and to bear it is an art. And to have that art is rare.

Have you ever thought that war is a madhouse and that everyone in the war is a patient?

Heroes can be sweet.

How do you dare to ask me for a solution? It's like asking Seneca for a solution. You remember what he did? He committed suicide!

I always introduce myself as an encyclopedia of defects which I do not deny. Why should I? It took me a whole life to build myself as I am.
[Self Knowledge]

I am a danger to myself if I get angry.

I am an atheist, and if an atheist and a pope think the same things, there must be something true. There must be some human truth that is beyond religion.

I am disgusted by the antisemitism of many Italians, of many Europeans.

I am known for a life spent in the struggle for freedom, and freedom includes the freedom of religion.

I cry, sometimes, because I'm not 20 years younger, and I'm not healthy. But if I were, I would even sacrifice my writing to enter politics.

I defend Israel's right to exist, to defend themselves, to not let themselves be exterminated a second time.

I didn't want to kill a man. I'm not capable of killing a man. I wanted to kill a tyrant.

I don't want to hear about my death.

I feel less alone when I read the books of Ratzinger.

I find it shameful that in nearly all the universities of Europe, Palestinian students sponsor and nurture antisemitism

I have always looked on disobedience toward the oppressive as the only way to use the miracle of having been born.

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